Tobacco Trails
Walk along the trails connecting the coast and the interior of Dalmatia

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Going through this programme you will use the paths which connect the coast with the hinterland of Dalmatia, going through the pass of the massif Biokovo which is on same places over 1700 m high. The participants will get know the beauties of the area where you can find rivers, lakes, mountains, fertile fields and sea, It will be the opportunity to learn the way of life of local population and its turbulent past.. The generations of handlers, smugglers of tobacco and especially the mountain inhabitants have made the paths for this programme. About the programme take care the guides who grew up in these parts of Dalmatia and know the surroundings very well.

Plan and programme

Programme includes: Guides in strange languages on every relation, full board in the hotel «Prvan» and in the village house Kokorići, lunch in Makarska, transfers to and from airport and during the trip, skipper on the boat, using the boat and mountain bike and the organization. The programme is made in such a way that you walk over five (5) hours per day through mountain paths and ways until 800 m above sea level and you spend with the guide up to 10 hours daily. You need good physical condition and to ride a bike. Generally have tourist to prepare themselves for a longer stay in nature which includes food (food is organized ) as well as lower comfort during the stay in village houses (common shower/WC and one sleeping room for all). ACCOMMODATION: Hotel «Prvan in Vrgorac and ethno-village Kokorići (4 km far from Vrgorac) VERY IMPORTANT NOTICES! YOU SHOULD TAKE comfortable shoes for walking from firm material because of karst terrain, light shoes for biking and free time. It is useful to have rucksack for one-day needs, thermo-bottle for drinks, waterproof or thermo clothes (depends on time of the year) and something for protection for the head and hands (hat, gloves etc for colder weather). In summertime you should take creme against sun and hat or cap. DON’T FORGET TO TAKE YOUR CAMERAS WITH YOU!!!