Grapes Picking
Grape harvest in Dalmatian Zagora, a place of top quality wines

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Enjoy in picking grapes in the Dalmatian Zagora, a place of top quality wines, and have fun. You will see how wine is produced and enjoy a good drop in the way!

Plan and programme

Wine cellar

  • Sightseeing
  • Wine degustation
  • Wine production
  • Dalmatian pršut (ham)
  • Gift-bottle (one litre per person)

Plantation of vineyards (cca 1 hour)

  • Picking of grapes
  • Lunch. Kokorići- Tavern (Konoba) "Prvan"
    • Aperitif
    • Hors-d’ oeuvre
    • Meal under “peka”
    • 1/2 l wine or juice per person
    • fruits

In the price is included:

  • Lunch, 1/2 l wine (drink)
  • Music
  • Guide
  • Plantation Photo